Notes by Christopher Lay

Pierce College

Department of History, Philosophy, and Sociology




Some Sample Paragraphs Outlined for a Working Draft of the First Essay 




Exposition Paragraph:  Delbanco's main, relevant part summarized, (e.g. you could discuss his claims about what college is supposed to be (that "college ideal") and show how he argues that is different from most students' realities)   


Exposition Paragraph:  Delbanco's notion of a whole person, explained. 


Exposition Paragraph: Socrates' main, relevant part summarized. 


Exposition Paragraph: Socrates' notion of the examined life, and what that examined life is contrasted to. 


Exposition Paragraph: An experience of yours from college that is relevant to something Delbanco asserts. 


Evaluation Paragraph: Your argumentative explanation of how your experience either fits with, or conflicts with, one of Delbanco's claims, from the previous paragraph.